Friday, January 15, 2010

in your own words

Well gang, I've reached 300 fans on facebook. This seems like a great reason to celebrate to me! It is funny, I still blame my old boss for getting me involved in this facebook thing; however, I find myself needing to thank him now. I've reconnected with so many old friends, stay connected with new ones and expand my little business at the very same time. How cool is that?! So, I'm thanking him (not that he'll want this necklace) and all of my facebook friends who support me by giving away a 1" sterling washer necklace stamped with a phrase of the winner's choice. What a great little gem hanging in the center, huh? So, if you're on facebook....get on over there and enter! Comments will be accepted until 5:00p.m. Tuesday with a winner announced shortly thereafter. Just think of all of those inspirational phrases for the new year that could be stamped and worn around your neck. You're tempted, aren't you? Oh, and you must stay in touch with me and my not-so-regularly-updated blog. I've got new pieces and techniques to share in the coming weeks! Have a great weekend.

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