Wednesday, January 27, 2010

a new design!

I have to say I'm loving this bracelet! I love it because it is perfectly classic. Who doesn't love a sterling beaded bracelet? Okay, maybe you don't; however, I'm not really expecting you to answer that rhetorical question. The nice thing about this bracelet, really one of many nice things, is that you can basically add any charm to it you'd like. I've shown it here with the original monogram (yet another classic element); however, we can add discs with children's or grandchildren's names, too! The bracelet is made completely by me with sterling beading chain, 6mm sterling seamless beads and a hefty lobster clasp. It is truly fantastic! Now, I know those of you that already have the monogram earrings or the monogram necklace are really itching to get one of these. And those of you that don't...what is the hold up? The bracelets will be made at the time of order and offered in both 7" and 8" lengths. Contact me to make yours today!!

1 comment:

Allison said...

I personally love this...especially since those are my initials! I think I may need one of these to go with my earrings!!