Wednesday, September 30, 2009

if ever...

my children go missing, I've eaten them....I swear!!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Sample Sale - Week 1!

I am busy preparing for 2 shows in November and need your help! Starting today, I will be offering one of my designs for 25% off to the FIRST person who responds wanting that piece made especially for them. The catch to the discount is that I will hold the piece until the shows are over and will ship them out to you after November 16. This is a wonderful way for me to have great samples for my shows and for you to have a FANTASTIC discount. If you are the "plan ahead" type, you could get amazing savings on one of a kind Christmas presents! A new piece will be offered each week. I will make this offer available on facebook, through email as well as through my personal and business blogs, so you must act quickly!! I will announce when the offer has been accepted and is closed.

The piece that will be offered today is:

Simple & Elegant
(picture below)

This piece is perfect for the names of multiple children - depending on the length of the name, we can look at placing as many as four on your disc! This is a 1.25" sterling disc topped with a brown mother of pearl coin. This piece will be offered to the first person who contacts me at the special price of $33.75!
Contact me at if you are interested in this special offer!
This offer has been accepted and is now closed. Please check back next Monday for another design to be offered!

Friday, September 25, 2009

on loosing a tooth

Well, it happened. And if I weren't so slack in posting to my blog, you would have known that the first tooth came out a week ago. Of course, it happened at school. I was the unsuspecting mom in the car rider line when Walker comes up holding a little white plastic container shaped like a tooth and grinning a grin minus something he had in his mouth when I had dropped him off that very morning. He was grinning - I was crying. Apparently, it is "cool" to lose your tooth at school. Nevermind that your mother misses one of the biggest moments in your six years of life! His teacher saw it, his class saw it, and it even scored him a trip to see the school nurse who he adores. She gave him the little plastic tooth to keep it in and promised him a spot on her "tooth wall." He thinks it is great in spite of the fact that he doesn't even know what a tooth wall is. I mean...who wouldn't want to be on a tooth wall?

Kinsley, a precious girl in his class, told him that the tooth fairy will give you $10 for the first tooth. Okay, on the one hand, I feel forever indebted to Kinsley. Walker was thinking that his first tooth might be worth $100 in good condition. Are you kidding me? All of his teeth are in good condition - he's like a mini dentist! Back to my other hand on Kinsley....$10?! This is highway robbery. Well, $10 it was (what a generous fairy - more like a pushover, I should say.) And, as promised, that fairy dipped her wings in the water he left on the bedside table turning it the most magical shade of blue.

Since that time, we've lost another tooth. And yes, you guessed it...Kinsley strikes again! Surely we cannot keep up the pace at the new "after the first tooth" rate of $5. I believe I'm going to have to start sending Kinsley a bill!

Poor William. Can you tell he's been crying? He said it was the "unluckiest" day of his life. He is ready to lose a tooth now. I think the tooth fairy needs to look into getting a loan before his teeth start falling out! Enjoy your weekend!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Walnut Square Mall Arts & Crafts Expo

What a very fun way to spend the weekend if you're in the Dalton, GA area! If you're not close to the area, you may still have a taste of what will be offered. All you have to do is enter Brandy's giveaway here!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Green Swap

I decided recently to participate in my first ever blog swap. This is where you are paired up with another blogger and swap things based on a certain theme. Brandy was hosting the swap and organized all of the swap partners. Boy, did I get the great end of the stick! My swap partner was Liberty. Liberty is quite a talented (and generous, I might add) woman with four children. How she finds the time to be creative is beyond me! Anyway, I was beside myself to find my swap package on my back doorstep. I wanted to give you all a peek into what was inside. Keep in mind that the theme of the swap was "green." Green could be either the color green or save the planet kind of green. Liberty was so creative in incorporating both!

My package consisted of two adorable reusable shopping totes (I'm big on those!), a beautiful box of teas, a handmade bath fizzie, cucumber eye pads, Burts Bees products, a bamboo/silicone spatula and personalized labels printed by Liberty. Also, she's quite the crafty one with a sewing/embroidery machine (which I have shared with you all is just not my thing.) She made the t-shirt you see me modeling above. Is that not adorable?! Here is a close up:

I also love to cook and entertain, so she fixed me up with these wonderful "green" cloth napkins embroidered with my last initial - fantastic!

Liberty has a shop on Etsy, and you can find her on facebook. You really need to take a look at her things - perfect ideas for Christmas! Liberty, thanks so much for an incredible box of goodies! I really lucked out in getting you as my partner. Can't wait to place some gift orders!!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A letter to the tooth fairy

Dear Tooth Fairy,
Oh, how we have waited for the day you would visit our house! Honestly, we thought you'd never come. And while we're not due a visit quite yet, I just know you are right around the corner. Am I ready for a "snaggle tooth" little guy? The thought of it really brings me to tears, as we are rounding yet another corner in life and in growing up. I can tell you that he is ready, though. I begged him not to eat an apple at school today. I want to witness the first lost tooth - not his teacher before his mother! So, while he thinks that his first tooth should be worth $100, I simply don't agree. But please be generous to my little man when his time comes because he has waited ever so patiently. It stinks to be among the last in your class to lose a tooth, you know? We'll send up the flag when "it" happens, so get those wings ready. Oh...and we want your wings dipped in water to change the color and everything, okay?
Walker's Mommy

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

now that's a giveaway!

Remember me telling you about this a couple of days ago?

Well, you should see what Natalie is giving away today! (wink, wink) Simply click on her name to take you there. You're not going to want to miss it!!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Mark your calendar!

In addition to my getting my boys to school, soccer, cub scouts, children's choir as well as an ever-growing jewelry business, my fall is spent organizing and promoting an artist market here in Madison County. We are in the process of planning our fourth show, and this year is going to be amazing! I have started a blog (yes, another one!) to keep those interested informed on the talent that will be joining us this year. I encourage you to follow this blog, as every several days I will be posting about a different artist. This year, the show is Saturday, November 14th. It is held at the historic courthouse in downtown Danielsville. We are only 20 minutes from Athens, GA, and it is well worth the drive! Just could be your one-stop-shop for your holiday gift list. Can you imagine checking everyone off your list before the holiday rush even begins? You are guaranteed to find original work for everyone on your list. So, mark your calendar now!!! Oh, and did I tell you Brandy ( was coming? Oh yes, she is!!!

See you November 14th!